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ContactNow: Edit a PBX Phone

Once you have created a phone account, you will need to obtain the account details to be able to configure your IP desk phone (or softphone). These details can be obtained by clicking on the Configuration icon of the Phone and selecting Print PDF. This opens the details on screen. It does not print the file out automatically.

The PDF displayed on the screen provides all the details about the Phone Account. Depending on the specific phone model you are attempting to configure, the Account Name and Phone Password may be named many different ways.

Once you have configured your phone, you will be able to place and receive calls to other extensions and external phone numbers. It is also possible to dial 3851000 to log in as an agent, much like the softphone.

You can also now configure other items on your new Phone Account that were not visible when you created the account.


Call Divert / Divert DDI

You can configure the system to divert calls coming into your phone if you are busy or fail to answer the call. The “Do Not Disturb” selection sends the incoming call directly to your voicemail, or if you have not enabled voicemail a message is played to the caller to inform them you are unable to accept calls. All other selections require a “Divert DDI” to be entered where the call will be diverted when the selection condition has been met.

Ring Time

This is the time in seconds your phone will ring before being diverted per the Call Divert settings, or simply hanging up the call.

Agent ID

If you choose to assign an Agent ID to a phone, all the calls the phone makes or receives will then be logged against that agent for reporting purposes. You can also leave this blank if the feature is not required, or if you are operating a hot desking environment, the agent can log into the phone manually by entering *32# into the telephone keypad and following the audio prompts. The agent can log back out the system by entering *33#.


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