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ContactNow: PBX Phone Groups

PBX phone groups are used to call a number of individual PBX phone accounts at once. The first phone to be answered will be connected to the call, and the other phones will stop ringing.

To add PBX phone groups hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and click on PBX. Click the Add group button from the top right corner of the screen and you will be presented with the screen below.


  • Group Name: Enter a name and description for the group, for example it could be Sales Team or Support Desk.
  • Create Extension: Enter a unique number which is used by other phones to ring this group. For example you might be 555, 666, etc.
  • Add DDI: If you want to be able to ring this phone group from outside or via the dialler you will need to add a DDI. When you dial the DDI, all the phones in the PBX phone group will ring.

To assign PBX Queueyou can either use the Default PBX queue which is created automatically, or you may wish to group calls for a PBX phone group in a separate queue for reporting purposes. For example if you have a number of branch offices it might be useful to be able to report on calls only for selected branches.

Edit a Phone Group

To edit a phone group select the gear icon next to it. This allows you to change the DDI and Extension in use.

Add Phone Accounts to PBX phone groups

To add phone accounts to a PBX phone group, drag and drop the phone account icon onto the group. Click on the minus symbol inside the group icon to remove it.


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