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Add a Database Field in ContactNow

To add fields to the Database, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar, click Edit database fields and select the Add Fields button. Learn more here.

You can create, delete, and customize database fields within your campaigns. These fields can then be used when you upload datasets, write queue scripts, use personal data fields for Templates, or fill in customer records. They are important for storing extra information e.g., language of customer, occupation or other relevant information that is required.

To add fields to the Database, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click Edit database fields.

Click the Add Fields button located on the top, decide where you would like to insert the field within the database and then give your field a specific name. You can add up to 9 fields at a time.


As per the screenshot if you wish to create a unique identifier field we recommend using URN to avoid conflicts with default fields.

Click Add once you are satisfied.

More options regarding database fields are available in the Edit Database fields page.


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