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Edit a Database Field in ContactNow

To edit Database fields, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click on Edit database fields. Learn more about editing Database fields here.

To edit Database fields, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click on Edit database fields.

To edit a campaign field, ensure you have selected the correct campaign using the campaign filter on the left-hand side of the page. Once confirmed, select the gear icon on the right-hand side of the field you would like to edit. You will be presented with the following window.


  • Agent Prompt - The field name presented to the agent while on a call. Administrators can display a different field name to the agents to what exists in the database.
  • Input Type - This determines the type of field you are creating and can range from free text entry, date and time functions to drop-down lists and radio buttons.
  • Hidden - This allows the field to be hidden from the agents view.
  • Required? - This determines whether or not the agent has to enter a value in this field before the call can be dispositioned.

Once satisfied please click Save changes.

More options regarding database fields are available in the Edit Database fields page.


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