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Dataset Management Overview in ContactNow

To manage your existing datasets, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click on Dataset Management. Learn more about dataset management here.

You can manage datasets that have been imported via the Import Data tool from the Dataset Management page. Here you are able to filter your uploaded datasets, modify each one, and also add new empty datasets. You can filter them based on their state (live or hold), by campaign and even by the queue they are assigned to by using the filter menu on the left-hand side of the page.

To manage your existing datasets, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click on Dataset Management.

Once you click on Dataset Management, you are presented with the overall screen of the dataset management tool. You can view all your uploaded datasets, assign the datasets to specific queues, and make your datasets live so records will start dialing out from the outbound queue selected.


If you hover over the progress bar, you can see a status screen as shown below. This will show the following:


  • Available Now: This indicates how many records are immediately available to call and gives a percentage against the total records.
  • Available Later: This figure shows how many records have been called and have had an incomplete outcome set against them (i.e., Answer Machine, No answer). The retry times set on the outbound queue will determine when they become available again to be dialed, they will then move & show under the available now total.
  • Available Total: This figure is a sum of the Available now & Available Later units and gives the overall amount of Available records that will be dialed.
  • Complete: This figure indicates how many records have been dialed and had a complete outcome set against them (i.e., Wrong Number (Complete), Fax Machine). For further instructions on this see Manage Outcomes.
  • Total: This figure shows the total amount of records in the dataset.

From Dataset Management, you can:


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