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Edit a Dataset in ContactNow

To edit a dataset, navigate to Dataset Management from the Data section and click on the Pen icon. Learn more here.

A recent change to the way that edits are applied to datasets is to be made under datasets that are on hold and changes to outbound queues, set priority levels and call back status to live datasets will not take affect and force the dataset to hold allowing you to make the required edits. Once the changes are made to hold datasets they will have to be put on live again to apply the change. 


It is important to note that the records under the dataset that are cached will not get the change and continue to dial in the previous state until the mem cache  is cleared which could take up to 60 minutes to clear.

You can assign datasets to outbound queues, set priority levels, and change their status to live or hold.

To edit a dataset, navigate to Dataset Management from the Data section and click on the Pen icon on the right-hand side of the dataset you want to edit.


Queue: Assign the dataset to the outbound queue you wish to use (The dataset will not dial if you haven't assigned it to a queue).
Priority: Set the priority level of this dataset against other datasets (0 is the lowest priority that can be assigned to a dataset; 90 is the highest).
Call Back Status: Allows you to control which type of records will be dialed.

  • All Records - All records will be dialed including Call Backs.
  • Call Backs Only - Only general pool and agent specific Scheduled Call Backs will be dialed.
  • Agent Call Backs - Only agent specific Scheduled Call Backs will be dialed.

Status: Allows you to change the status of the dataset.

  • Hold - Pauses the dataset, records will not be dialed.
  • Live - Makes the dataset active, records will then be dialed.
  • Expired - Expires the dataset, Once expired the dataset is not able to be activated again. However, you are able to export the data.

When assigning the dataset to a queue or setting the Call Back Status please ensure the dataset is on Hold otherwise any changes will not be applied.

You can also edit multiple datasets at a time by clicking on the white tick box located on the left side of the datasets you wish to manage. You can make changes to the Queue, Priority, Call Back Status, and the Status all at the same time. All datasets selected will then have the same settings applied. When you click the Update button the system queues the dataset changes and applies them one dataset at a time and shows the progress at the top of the page. Please ensure you do not navigate away from the page until the operation is complete.


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