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Add Numbers to a Do Not Call List in ContactNow

To add numbers to a Do Not Call list, hover over the Data section in the Navigation bar and click on DNC. Learn how to manually add a number to a DNC list here.

To add new numbers to a Do Not Call (DNC) list, hover over the Data section in the Navigation bar and click on DNC. 


Please note that there are four ways to add a number to a DNC list: one manual and three automatic.

Manually Add a number to a DNC list

Once the page has loaded, find the DNC list you wish to add numbers to and click the settings cog to the top right of the list.

A drop-down menu will appear displaying a list of options available. Select Add Numbers.

This will present you with two options:


You can manually add individual numbers as shown below.


Alternatively, you can bulk add numbers to a DNC list by uploading a file in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Clicking this option allows you to pick a file from your device and then choose the list you would like to add the numbers too. The screen below demonstrates the procedure.


Click Save to upload the file.

Automatically add number to your DNC List

Option 1 - Select a DNC outcome

DNC has now been added as an option on the list of call outcomes for a dispositioned calls. You can do this by creating a new outcome or by editing an existing one. First, the Outcome must be a complete. Next, enable the DNC setting so that the DNC process can be triggered whenever a call is dispositioned with this outcome. Each number that has been dispositioned as DNC will automatically be added to your DNC list.

Option 2 - Inbound DNC on an outbound Queue

Customers who dial into a CLI that is only assigned to an outbound queue will hear the DNC messages to prompt them to enter a number to stop them from receiving calls on that number. When they request to have their number removed it will be taken out of all of the records in the campaign of the outbound queue. It will also add the number to the campaign's DNC list.

Option 3 - DNC Block in an IVR

You can add a DNC block as a component on your IVR. The DNC component will flag numbers that have requested not to be called again. The call will appear in the calls report with the outcome DNC callback (98) and will automatically pull DNC numbers out and into your DNC list.


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