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ContactNow: Export Data

This tool allows you to export your campaign dataset.

To export your datasets, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click Export data.

You can export your datasets by performing the following steps:

Step 1

Choose the campaign your dataset was uploaded to, then select the dataset you would like to export from the database table. You can also export multiple datasets at a time by clicking on all the relevant tick boxes in the column Select.


Then click the Next button.

Step 2

Select the data fields to be exported from the table on the left. Clicking on the individual tick boxes on the right-hand side of each field will select the individual fields. Alternatively you can click the Select tick box located at the top of the Select column.

On the right hand side of the page you will see the Calculated Field table. By selecting these fields you will be presented with numerical values in the exported data, indicating how many times the criteria selected have been chosen (e.g., 3 calls to a specific record, 2 were answer machines and 1 was a dead line. It will also show the date of the last call if the option was selected).


Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the Next button.

Step 3

The type of export is based either on a quick selection of standard Outcomes (i.e., Sales, Complete or incomplete) or by a manual selection of outcomes (i.e., Multiple Outcomes). A date range should also be selected for call outcomes, or the option for no date range (i.e., everything) can be set as a filter.

If you have selected standard outcomes only then you can proceed to Step 5.


Step 4

The selection of multiple outcomes allows comprehensive filtering of call types to be achieved. You can select Campaign specific outcomes and / or System outcomes. As before, all can be selected at once by clicking just under the Select heading. Click the Next button to continue.


Step 5

Check that the export details are correct. If they need amending click the Back button to make any changes.


If the details are correct click the Export button to carry out the export.

Step 6

The screen below is shown after the export has been run.


You can now download the exported document by clicking Download CSV file.

Once completed you can navigate away from the page by either clicking Back to Menu or by clicking the Admin button located on the left-hand side of your screen. Both options will take you back to the Configuration.


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