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ContactNow: Import Data
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ContactNow: Import Data

The Import section allows you to upload data files of different types to be used on your ContactNow service. This includes CSV call-data files to be used as Datasets that you assign to an outbound call queue.

Here you can upload logo images, audio files, and CSV data records which include phone numbers to be dialed. To view the different data files currently uploaded to your service, click on the category links at the left-hand side under Directories.

To access the Import section, hover over the Data icon in the Navigation bar and click on Import.

To upload a file to your service, click Upload File, click the Choose File button, select the desired file, and click Upload.

Supported service file types are:

  • Dataset: Only CSV-formatted data files ("Macintosh CSV" formatted files are not supported by the import process)
  • Audio: WAV file format
  • Images: JPEG, GIF, and PNG image file types


Once in a folder, you can navigate back to the home menu by clicking on Up a directory.

From the import data tool you can do the following:

See Dataset Management for information on how to manage imported datasets.


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