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ContactNow: How can a shared office or internet connection affect my business?

When in a shared office space or building, you may be running on a shared connection unless your ISP has provided you with a dedicated lease line (the building itself may have one of these, but it is likely shared amongst all building floors - not just yours). If you are on a shared connection, there are some common issues you might come across, such as logging into the dialler, staying connected, and so on.

If you face any issues with your internet connection, please speak with the office / building manager or IT team in the first instance. It will also be useful when diagnosing any potential issues you may have, for the local IT team to check some of the following settings are applied before contacting our Support teams:

  • Firewalls / routers allow traffic to
  • Enable VOIP ports 5060-5061.
  • Disable SIP ALG firewall settings on the router.
  • On individual computers, or as a group policy, add your softphone of choice (X-Lite or Zoiper, for example) to the Windows firewall rules.

Whitelist the below on any firewalls and any proxy servers that may be active:

In the event that none of the above suggestions prevents or resolves an issue you have, 8x8 has a Network Utility Tool that can be run on your machine (admin rights are required for installation). This will give us an overview of not only your network at the time of being run but also your computer specifications that can assist with pinpointing the root cause of any problems.


Note: Raising a Support Case, via the Community Portal, is the fastest way to receive any assistance required. This can only be done by verified contact for the Contact Centre’s Portal.


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