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ContactNow: What is the Do Not Call Outcome?


What is a "Do Not Call", or Outcome 98, on reports? And what does it do?

Applies To

  • DNC (Do Not Call)
  • Outcomes


A "Do Not Call" outcome (outcome code: 98) is applied to any call that routes to an Outbound queue after the caller has confirmed that they want their number removed (automated voice prompts handle these calls). The queue will recognise the number in the datasets that are assigned to that queue, even if there is no URN (Unique Reference Number) for the caller, and adds it to a queue specific DNC list (which is not viewable).

What if the number gets imported again?

If the number is loaded into a new dataset that's then assigned to a brand new queue, it'll call it. However, if the number is loaded in a new dataset that's then assigned to an Outbound queue that's had the caller call back to remove their number, then it will ignore the record and automatically assign outcome code 98, "DNC Callback", to the record when it comes across the number (it will not do this automatically on import of the dataset or when it's set to Live, only when the dialer attempts the number).