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ContactNow: CLI Number Allocation

What is CLI?

CLI (Calling Line Identification), is also known as CallerID. It is the phone number that your phone presents on outbound calls to identify itself to the called party.

Can I add my own non-8x8 CLI to ContactNow?

Yes, you can use a non-8x8 phone number as your outbound CallerID for calls originating from ContactNow, with certain restrictions.


  • 8x8 requires that all outbound ContactNow calls be identifiable, presenting a phone number that can be called back to reach the caller, if desired.
  • You must submit proof of ownership of the intended CLI number. Proof of ownership of the phone number must identify the CLI phone number, your business name, and the name of the current non-8x8 carrier of that phone number. This proof is most often presented in a billing statement, and must not be more than three months old.

If your desired phone number already exists in another of your 8x8 services, the CLI Allocation form is not required.

Simply inform your Support agent that you wish to use that specific 8x8 phone number as CLI in ContactNow, and the request can be processed.


If you would like one of your ContactNow outbound call queues to display a specific CLI that is not currently on any 8x8 service, please download, complete, and sign the following CLI Number Allocation form and provide it to your Sales or Support representative, together with the required proof of ownership.


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