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How to Create a New Support Case in ContactNow

To create a new support ticket, log in to your Support Community, select Cases and click New. Learn more here.

When you sign up with ContactNow you will receive two emails: a welcome email from 8x8 and a second email from Salesforce. This second email includes a single-use activation link to create a password and passphrase for your 8x8ContactNow Support Community.

Once your Support Community login has been created, log in to this account to raise new tickets with Support, or to view and track open tickets.

Before raising a ticket, you can search for support articles here. If you are still experiencing problems and need to open a case, you can do so by logging in to 8x8 ContactNow Support Community.

To create a new case

  1. After logging in to your Support Community, select Cases.

  2. Click New to open a new support ticket.

  3. Complete the form with the appropriate information.

  4. Click Save to submit the case.
Note-Icon.png Note: For safety and security only designated Contacts may raise, edit, or query a case raised on your portal account. To find out how to create a Contact and change their permissions, please see this article.


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