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Agent's ContactNow Dialer Remains Stuck in Disposition

Is an agent's ContactNow dialer stuck in Disposition phase of a call after they log into the ContactNow web interface? Read more about how to resolve the issue.


An agent's ContactNow dialer remains stuck in Disposition phase of a call after they log in to the ContactNow web interface.


This can happen for two reasons:

  1. The agent did not complete a call disposition when they last logged out of the ContactNow web interface.
  2. The agent's web browser cache and/or cookies have become corrupted.


To resolve this issue:

  1. The agent should try to complete the call disposition. The ContactNow service will continue to request that the previous call be dispositioned if it was not completed during the previous session. In this case, clearing their browser cache/cookies will have no effect.
  2. If completing the disposition fails, the agent should:
    1. Log out of ContactNow.
    2. Clear their web browser cache/cookies.
    3. Re-login to ContactNow.