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ContactNow: Agents Are Not Being Logged out Automatically


When agents close their ContactNow web browser session, they are not logged out of the ContactNow dialer service, even overnight.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Agent Login


Agents must correctly log out of the dialer service when their ContactNow session is over.

  1. On the Agent page, click the Agent Status panel.
  2. Click Disconnect.
  3. If the contact center has Logout Codes (reasons) enabled, a code must be selected to complete the dialer logout process.
  4. Log out of the web browser session, or close the browser tab.


Agents are not disconnecting from the ContactNow dialer service before logging out of their ContactNow session.

Additional Information

ContactNow is maintained overnight on a daily basis. However, this maintenance will not log out users that have been left logged in. Agents must ensure that they are manually logging out of their ContactNow agent page correctly.

Administrators may also use the force agent Log-out Feature, if an agent's session has ended, but they have not logged out of the dialer.