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Inbound Calls are Wrongly Routed to Auto Attendant in ContactNow

When an agent is connected to ContactNow, inbound calls intended for the agent may get to Virtual Office Auto Attendant. Learn how to resolve here.


When an agent is connected to ContactNow using Agent On Demand, inbound calls intended for the agent are routing to the Virtual Office Auto Attendant, instead.

Applies To

ContactNow agents using Agent On Demand (AOD)


The agent's phone extension is configured to display a phone number that routes to the Auto Attendant, instead of their phone extension's direct number.

When agent's log in to ContactNow via Agent On Demand, ContactNow will send inbound queue calls to the phone number that the agent's phone presents as Caller ID. So if the Caller ID of the agent's phone is a virtual number pointing to the Auto Attendant, inbound queue calls will be sent to the Auto Attendant instead of directly to the agent's phone.


There are two solutions:

  • Change the agent's ContactNow AOD settings
  • Temporarily change the outbound Caller ID for AOD login

Change the ContactNow Agent's AOD Settings

This is the easiest solution:

  1. In Configuration > Agents, Teams, and Queuesedit the affected Agent
  2. Change the AOD DID to the direct phone number that the agent's inbound queue calls should be routed to.
  3. Set AOD Lock to ON.
  4. Click Update.


Temporarily Change the Outbound Caller ID for AOD Login

Users of 8x8 Virtual Office can change their outbound caller ID before logging in to Agent On Demand by doing the following:

  1. Log into Virtual Office Desktop
  2. Click on the Status icon in the upper-left corner of VOD. This is typically displayed as a circle with your initials or photo.
  3. Click on the phone number in the Caller ID field and select the direct phone number assigned to your phone extension. This phone number is displayed at the top of the Status display, next to the extension number.
  4. Once this is done, log into Agent On Demand. AOD will call you back as needed at that direct phone number.
  5. Then immediately follow the above steps to return the Caller ID setting to the desired phone number for all other outbound calls.

Note that changing the outbound Caller ID does NOT ever change the direct (inbound) phone number of your phone extension. It only changes the phone number that is displayed to others when you make an outbound call.


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