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ContactNow: Dead Line Message When Dialing Outbound
8x8 Support

ContactNow: Dead Line Message When Dialing Outbound

To resolve the Dead Line error message in ContactNow when dialing a phone number manually or preview mode, enable Mobile Number or DNC. Learn more here.


When attempting to dial a phone number manually or in Preview mode, the ContactNow interface displays a Dead Line error message.

The most common Dead Line errors are:




When using Predictive or Progressive mode dialing, a Dead Line error will only appear as a Result or Outcome in Analytics > Record Search > Calls.


In both cases, outbound calls to numbers that result in these errors are not completed.

Applies To

ContactNow Mobile and Do Not Call number dialing


These specific Dead Line errors occur when dialing either a mobile phone number, or a phone number that is listed on the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry when the default filtering functionality is enabled on your account.

By default, functionality is disabled for the dialing of cell phone numbers and phone numbers that are listed in the National Do Not Call Registry.


Enable Mobile Number and/or Do Not Call (DNC) Dialing

US telecom regulations require that businesses dialing mobile phone numbers take care not to abuse this ability.

In order to disable the filters which block Mobile and Do Not Call number dialing, you must contact 8x8 ContactNow Support to obtain and complete a required waiver form that indicates your understanding of your responsibilities with respect to this ability.

Note: These are are the most typical reasons for a Dead Line message. However, this solution will not resolve all Dead Line issues, which can be dependent upon the viability of the phone numbers dialed, and also on the carriers of the numbers you are trying to dial.