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ContactNow: "Dead Line: NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION" When Trying to Make Outbound Calls


I receive the error message "Dead Line: NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION" when trying to make any outbound calls.

Applies To

ContactNow, calls, results, outcomes


Raise a case with the 8x8 Support Team. Please provide us with the Call IDs and the dialed phone number.

Support will identify if the provided examples fall on the mentioned situations and act accordingly.


There can be several reasons why you might be unable to make Outbound calls.

  1. Outbound calls resulting in "Dead Line: NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION"
    • The first seven digits of the dialed phone number (we refer to it as "dial code") is not present in our white list, in which instance our Team might be able to add it for you
    • There could be no charge on our rates card for the same and will have to be validated and correct tariff charge confirmed by the carrier. Then can be added to allow calling.
    • The number being dialed has a high tariff rate against it indicating that a number is a premium number and thus resulting in this outcome.
  2. Outbound calls made, but they do not appear on Calls report
    • Usually, this indicates either an issue with the third party carrier, in which case the Support Team will escalate the situation to them for further investigations.

Additional Information

See ISDN Cause Codes for further information.


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