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ContactNow: DNC Not Disabling Record Dialing


You may have returning calls from records you've dialled from customers who aren't interested in your service or product, or you've selected the outcome of a call as Do Not Call (DNC), only to find those records / numbers are being called again.

The DNC option provided by Outbound queues, and the IVR component, allows callers to add their number to a DNC list. However, an issue may arise whereby this doesn't happen.

Applies To

ContactNow, Do Not Call


Records not Deduplicated During Import

During stage four of importing a CSV file as a dataset you will see a section called DNC LISTS, and underneath here you'll find your USER LISTS (along with the TPS & CTPS lists). You can select the button here to run the deduplicate tool against the CSV file you're currently importing.

As you can see in the example below, I have 1 number in my DNC lists that is also in the list I'm attempting to import - if the DNC list has been selected (showing as green) the number will be removed.


The tool will begin running when the Next button is pressed at the bottom of the page.

If no DNC list is selected before the Next button is selected, all numbers within the CSV file will be added to the dataset.

DDI​ ​not​ ​Added​ ​to​ DNC​ ​List

When a call arrives into an Outbound queue, and the caller requests that their number is removed, the number does not get automatically uploaded to the DNC lists within your contact centre, but it does get added to a DNC list for that particular queue (this list cannot be viewed in any reports). The next time that queue comes across this number it will automatically disposition it before it gets dialled (with system outcome 98 - "DNC Callback"), which means even if it slips through during the import process and doesn't get deuplicated then the queue itself will act as a fail-safe.

Records which have been manually dispositioned with a DNC outcome by an agent will need to be exported as a CSV and uploaded to the Contact Centre's DNC list (or under a specific campaign).

Once uploaded to the DNC list the numbers can be deduplicated during the next data import session.

To remove the numbers from the contact centre right away you can utilise the Disable Numbers feature.

Number Manually Dialled by an Agent

Adding a customer's number to the DNC list will not stop the Contact Centre from calling the number if the number is entered into the dial pad and called manually by an agent.

If the queue is dialling within the Predictive dial mode, we can determine if the call was dialled manually from the Calls report. To access this report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation within your contact centre and click on Calls.

Locate the call within the calls report, just like the example below.


The first sign of identifying if a record has been dialled manually is if the call details do not have a Dataset or URN ID assigned to the call - they will both show a 0 instead, as the above example shows.

The second step is to double click the ten-digit Call ID, which is highlighted in Blue. This will open the Call Detail page and, on the right hand side, you will see the Agent Action Log. Green indicates that the actions / changes that have taken place within that specific call.


In the Action column, you should see Manual Dial.


Note: If this call was made via an Outbound queue set to Preview mode, you might see Preview as an action before Manual Dial - this is normal, and expected behaviour on a queue set to that mode, however, will not appear in this scenario as explained.

The third and final step is to locate the Agent Status Changes log, which can be found in the status column. The status order of a manual call is; dial > dial > call, all within several seconds, as shown below.


When checking out your call, if you are seeing the above examples repeated on your call in question then you have yourself a manually dialled call, made from an Outbound queue.

Multiple Records with the Same Number

After records have been imported the selection of an outcome does not affect other records that may also have the same number. For example, if you were to call Joe Bloggs and select "Do Not Call" but there's another record for Jane Doe with the exact same telephone number, the outcome will not be applied to both of these records - Jane Doe will be called when the dialler comes across that record.

You can search your records, if in doubt or are suspecting an issue, by:

  1. Navigating to Database Management
  2. Selecting your specified Campaign and Dataset (or all datasets)
  3. Choose the "Phone Numbers" field to be searched
  4. Enter the number you wish to search for

At this point you have a few options on how you can handle the found records:

  • Edit the record and delete the number
  • Edit the record and apply an outcome to it - e.g. "Sale - Complete" Note: This will not show up on historic reports as a selected outcome.
  • Leave the record and allow it to be dialled


This issue may be due to several reasons.

  • The record has not been deduplicated during the import process.
  • The DDI (number in question) has not been added to the DNC list correctly.
  • The record has been manually dialled by an agent again.
  • There are multiple records with the same number.