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Outbound Queue Dialing Is Slow in ContactNow


The ContactNow outbound queue is dialing slowly and agents are sitting idle between calls.

Applies To

ContactNow dialer, agents, campaign, outbound, queues.


Assigning additional agents to the outbound queue will increase the dialing frequency.

We recommend adjusting the following settings within the Outbound Queue:

  1. Change Dial Mode to Predictive from the Settings tab.
  2. Decrease the Maximum Ring Time seconds from the Settings tab.
  3. Decrease the number of Max Dead Shorts and Max Deadlines from Max Attempts tab.


The Outbound Queue settings have not been optimized.

Additional Information

Utilize ContactNow Analytics - Calls (Record Search) to determine the frequency of the dialer. If the Record Search results display "Dead Line: BLOCKED_BY_CELL_PHONE_FILTER," contact 8x8 Support.


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