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ContactNow: Reports of Nuisance Calls from Callers


Why am I receiving calls saying that I'm a nuisance caller? I have no record of this person or any reports of calling their number.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Nuisance calls


There is a possibility that a contact Centre number can be used as a CLI by any fraud criminals and 8x8 has no means of preventing this from happening if they occur externally from our platform. To aid in investigations it is advised to identify the number that is calling the person masquerading as your contact Centre and run a search of the number as a CLI to the victims DDI and if not found then your contact Centre has been subjected to this type CLI Spoofing.  

If the number does not belong to your Contact Centre it is recommended that you get as much information as possible regarding the Nuisance call to help with investigations as it is seen that searching some numbers on web search engines can reveal your Contact Centre and if the number does not belong to you it is recommended that you arrange to have the search engine flag the content on the internet to prevent finger pointing to your Contact Centre. 

Additional Information

If you are unsure if the number belongs to your Contact Centre you can run a search for the number using the following tools to reveal the operator :


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