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ContactNow: Unable to Dial a Number Using ContactNow


When trying to dial a number in ContactNow, the connection is not made and the dialer will disconnect after 1-2 or no rings when trying to call a specific number.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Dialer


Attempt to dial the number from a different phone line (such as a landline phone or a mobile). If the call goes through, one of the causes listed below could be causing the issue.

If the call continues to drop, it could be that the number itself is a Deadline and the carrier that owns the number has terminated its service, or it's a premium rate number which has been blocked by your carrier (to save unexpected high call costs).


There may be many reasons why you are not able to call a certain number via ContactNow. Most likely:

  • The destination you are trying to call may have blocked the CLI/DDI that the dialer is trying to reach them on.
  • The destination you are trying to call may have a spam or blacklist that blocks a large selection of numbers that they consider to be spam, and the number you're using is considered as such.