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Audio Files Do Not Appear for Selection in ContactNow


After uploading custom audio files to the Data CN_Data_Icon.jpg > Import section of the ContactNow admin interface, the uploaded audio files can't be found or selected from the Audio Messages area of any call queue configuration.



This problem occurs when an audio file type such as an MP3 or AU are uploaded to ContactNow.

The ContactNow service supports only WAV audio file types. It will not properly recognize, convert, or play any other type of audio file.

Non-WAV audio files uploaded to the service will appear only in the general, top-level file listing, and do not receive the contact center name prefix as WAV files do.


On upload, WAV-formatted audio files (only) are automatically placed into the Data CN_Data_Icon.jpg > Import > audio folder.

WAV audio file names are also prefixed with the contact center name and ID.



If your custom audio files are not in WAV format, they must be converted to WAV format before being uploaded to ContactNow.


8x8 does not provide audio conversion services. However, applications such as Audacity and Goldwave can be used to easily convert common audio file types to WAV format.


Note that 8x8 does not own, supply, or provide support for Audacity or Goldwave software products.



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