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ContactNow: Why are my records being dialed again?


My records are being dialled again. Why is this?

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Records


Search for the Record in Database Management

Completing a record in one dataset won't complete it in another. You can quickly search for multiple records with the same number by:

  1. Click Data on the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Database Management.
  3. Select Phone Numbers from the dropdown filter.
  4. Click Search.

If you are presented with records from multiple datasets, the number has been imported (uploaded) on more than one occasion and could be contributing to the issue.

Was a Complete outcome set?

Selecting a Complete outcome tells the dialer not to call that record again. Some system outcomes have this automatically applied (Not interested, Do Not Call, etc). However, you might have selected a Custom Outcome, which has Complete as a toggleable option. If set to No, the system will keep the record live and will attempt to dial again at a later stage.

Complete - Outcome.jpg

Check Disable Numbers Feature

You can double-check if the number in question was Disabled already, by going to Disable numbers and searching for it.

  1. Click Data on the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under Data config click Disable numbers.
  3. Enter the phone number into the tool.
    • Note: You can disable a whole list of numbers by either clicking Upload File (.csv or .txt) button or using drag & drop (click & hold/drag the file onto your browser window).
      disable numbers.JPG
  4. Click Disable to disable the number(s).

The system will itself check all datasets, complete the record, and a DNC outcome will be applied.

If any matches to the searched number occur, you'll see a green "Success" message at the top of the screen, containing the total number of disabled records/numbers. If the number you searched for provides no results, it might've already been added to the list (if this is the case, contact Support as we may need to assist in investigating further).

Important-Icon.png Please Note: Disabling a number will not prevent it being re-uploaded as part of another dataset. To do this you will need to set up a DNC list.


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