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Data Reports Show Outcomecode 100 for Uncontacted Calls


When the ContactNow admin runs a call report from Data > Data ManagementExport, all reported calls which generated automatic system outcomes such as Dead Line or Answer Machine are instead marked with outcomecode:100 and systemoutcome:Uncontacted in that report.


Applies To

ContactNow data and call reporting


This is expected behavior for the Data Export reporting option, and was implemented to reduce potential service performance issues caused by excessive database queries.


Follow these steps if more accurate outcome data is desired:

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Record Search > Calls.
  2. Set the call report timeframe, and apply any desired data filters.
  3. Click Export and select the desired file type. This will initiate the download of a file which contains all information included in the displayed data.

Note that data from all currently visible columns in Analytics > Record Search > Calls will be included in the downloaded report.


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