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Inbound Calls Do Not Route to Inbound Call Queue in ContactNow


Inbound callers dialing specific ContactNow phone numbers are not being routed to an inbound call queue.

Instead, they receive a brief message followed by the option to "Please press 1 to remove your number." The call is then terminated.

Applies To

ContactNow call routing


This problem occurs when the inbound phone number (DDI) of an outbound call queue is also presented as the outbound Caller ID phone number.

Persons called from the outbound queue will see that Caller ID number, and may call that number back in an attempt to speak with a person.

When this happens, the outbound queue's Abandon message is played to the caller, and the call will eventually be terminated.



Assuming the ContactNow administrator wants all inbound calls to be routed to an inbound call queue, the best solution is to configure the Caller ID of the outbound call queue with the inbound phone number of an inbound call queue (or IVR).

This way, calls from the outbound call queue will always present a phone number that can reach an agent when called back.

To do this, you must edit your outbound call queue:

  1. Navigate to Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpg > Agents, Teams & Queues > Queues.
  2. Locate the inbound call queue that callers should contact.
  3. Click on the DDI icon to display one or more inbound phone numbers (DID) assigned to the inbound queue.


  1. Now click the gear icon CN_Queue_Edit_Gear_Icon.jpg to the right of your outbound call queue that will be changed, and select Edit.
  2. Click the Basics tab
  3. Click the Caller ID dropdown list and select the phone number of the desired inbound call queue. This is the phone number that will be displayed when calls are made from the outbound call queue.
  4. Scroll down and click Update to complete the change.
  5. This should fix the issue for this specific outbound call queue. The process may need to be repeated for any other outbound call queues.



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