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Agents are not Receiving Outbound Calls in ContactNow

If an agent is not receiving outbound calls and their ContactNow phone doesn't display any call activity, there can be many reasons why. Click here.


Outbound calls are not presented to your agent, and your agent's ContactNow phone doesn't display any call activity.

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Possible causes for this problem are one or more of the following:

  • Account balance is $0 or less
  • The agent is not assigned to the correct outbound call queue
  • The agent is either not logged in, or has set their status to Idle
  • The agent is logged into the dialer using Agent On Demand (AOD)
  • Dialed phone numbers are being marked for callback
  • Mobile and/or Do Not Call number calling is disabled
  • The assigned dataset is not configured correctly
  • The Priority of the outbound call queue is disabled
  • The agent is assigned to both Inbound and Outbound call queues
  • The dataset was not imported correctly


Account balance is $0.00 or less

Check the current balance on the account at the top-right of the ContactNow admin interface. A positive balance (above $0.00) is required for calling and/or call disposition to work.

Note that this is true even if the customer has paid for the Professional or Ultimate monthly recurring plans. 

This is a system requirement currently in place to cover additional costs for any call type (such as international calls) which are not covered by the monthly plan minute allocation.

Agent not assigned to the correct outbound call queue

Verify that all agents who are experiencing the problem are assigned to the correct outbound queue.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Navigate to Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpgAgents, Teams, and Queues > Agents, and click the Q icon to quickly see a list of queues an individual agent is assigned to.
  • Or, navigate to Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpg > Agents, Teams, and Queues > Queues, and click the Agent CN_Queues_Assigned_Agent_Icon.jpg icon of the outbound call queue to see a list of agents currently assigned to that queue.

Agent(s) not logged in or set to Idle status

To be presented with an Outbound call from a live dataset, an agent:

  • Must be logged in to the ContactNow web interface using their agent credentials
  • Must be logged in to their ContactNow dialer using their agent number and password
  • Must set their dialer status to Available

Agent is logged into Agent On Demand (AOD)

Agent On Demand does not support automated outbound dialing.

If the agent has logged into the ContactNow dialer at phone number 16692454253, they should log out of the dialer and re-connect using 16692454250 instead.

Dialed phone numbers are marked for callback

When the Dial Mode is set to Predictive or Progressive, phone numbers may actually be dialed, and automatically marked for callback when the person called is not reached.

To verify this, navigate to Data CN_Data_Icon.jpgDatabase Management, and review the data for the dataset in question. The Process Type column will display the current status of each entry, and the Callback column will display a callback time, if there is one.

You can also verify Outcome and Result call status of any call in Analytics CN_Analytics_Pie_Icon.jpgRecord Search > Calls.

Mobile and/or Do Not Call number calling is disabled

By default, outbound ContactNow calling is disabled to cell phones, and to phone numbers that are listed on the US national Do Not Call list.

  • When using Predictive or Progressive mode calls, no error is displayed to an agent. However, the Outcome and Result fields in Analytics CN_Analytics_Pie_Icon.jpgRecord Search > Calls will display "Dead Line"
  • When using Preview mode or manually dialing calls, the ContactNow interface will display a "Dead Line" error message to the agent

Note: To enable Cell phone and DNC calling on an account, a support case must be opened. Cell Phone and/or Do Not Call calling can immediately be enabled.

Please see the following article regarding mobile and/or Do Not Call number calling:

ContactNow: Dead Line Message When Dialing Outbound

Assigned dataset is not configured correctly

Once a dataset is correctly imported into ContactNow, that dataset entry must be correctly configured.

To verify this, navigate to Data CN_Data_Icon.jpgDataset Management, and click Edit Dataset for the dataset in question.

All of the following entries must be correctly configured for calls to be presented to agents in an outbound queue:

  • Queue: The dataset must be assigned to a queue
  • Priority: If there are multiple datasets assigned to a queue, the Priority must be set high enough that it will be selected by the system. Higher-priority datasets will be used first
  • Callback Status:This should be set to the type of records that should be called using this dataset. The setting All Records will force dialing of every record in the dataset
  • Status: The dataset must be set to LIVE status, or it will never be used

Note-Icon.png Note: If the dataset contains phone numbers which have already been called and are set to CALLBACK status, they will not actually be dialed again until the scheduled time has elapsed.

Priority of the outbound call queue is disabled

To verify and/or correct this setting:

  1. Go to Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpgAgents, Teams & Queues > Queues.
  2. Click the gear icon CN_Agent_and_Queue_Edit_Gear_Icon.jpg of an outbound queue, and select Edit.
  3. Settings > Priority (the top entry) must be set to On. Setting this option to Off will effectively disable the queue.


Agent is assigned to both Inbound and Outbound call queues

For agents assigned to both inbound and outbound call queues, inbound calls take precedence over outbound calls, regardless of the Priority assigned to either type of queue.

This means that automated outbound dialing will be halted while an inbound call is waiting in queue. Once the assigned inbound call queue or queues have been cleared, outbound dialing will resume.

Dataset was not imported, or included bad data

A CSV data file (comma separated value) must be uploaded, and then go through a successful import process into a ContactNow "dataset" in order for automated outbound calling to work.

If phone numbers are not correctly mapped to one of three Phone fields during the data import process, those numbers will not be dialed by the system, so agents will not receive calls from that dataset.

There are a number of filters and number viability tests placed on your data during the Import process. Be sure to pay attention as you step through the process.

Verify Your Dataset

The fastest way to verify imported dataset viability is to navigate to Data CN_Data_Icon.jpgDataset Management, find your dataset and hover your mouse cursor over the dataset status bar.

Failed Import: Immediately after data is incorrectly imported or there were no viable phone numbers in the data, Available Now will display 0 (0%). The status bar will also appear as gray.


Successful Import: Immediately after a successful data import, Available Now will show the maximum amount of phone numbers that were able to be imported. The status bar will also appear as pale blue.




  • Pay close attention during the data import process! The data import wizard will alert the user to any problems with the data being imported.
  • Only CSV (comma separated value) files can be imported as ContactNow datasets. All other data file types will fail on import.
  • If data is imported incorrectly into a dataset, that dataset must be Expired and the data correctly re-imported.
  • Macintosh / iOS CSV file format can experience errors during the dataset import process. It's recommended to export data using UTF-8 CSV, Windows CSV, or MS-DOS CSV format, instead.


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