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How to Customize Reports in 8x8 Contact Center
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How to Customize Reports in 8x8 Contact Center


To create a report that shows what each Agent's total time spent on calls and the total number of calls for each day or each week.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Reports


Use a 8x8 Contact Center Business Intelligence report.

  1. Log in to the 8x8 Agent Console.
  2. Click the Applications icon.
  3. Select Business Intelligence > Home.
  4. Click Create Report. 
  5. Open the Categories dropdown list and select Agent Transactions.
  6. Select Measures and Dimensions, they are added to the Measures and Columns and Rows boxes.
  7. Select Total Processing Time and Total Accepted.
  8. Select Agent > Agent Name.
  9. Select Week > Week (or Day).
    • Week gives the Week number of the year.
    • Day gives the Day number of the month.
  10. Select Relative Date > Date.
  11. In the Columns box, click Date > select the date range > click OK.
  12. Click Run Query.


Additional Information

  • Once the report is as you want, it can be saved (disk icon in the toolbar). The report will be in the Reports list on the Home page.
  • The report can be Scheduled or Exported. Hover the mouse over the icons in the toolbar and the icon description will display.
  • For more information about Business Intelligence reports, visit the Web Help page.


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