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8x8 Support

Calls made to Contact Center agent extension fails


Calls made to a Contact Center agent's extension number fails to connect and does not ring the destination agents phone and the caller does not hear ring back.

When calling from:

  • Agent Workspace: the calling agents workplace phone connects and Agent Workspace shows Dialling...
  • Agent Console: the calling agents workplace phone connects and Agent Console shows Ringing
  • 8x8 Work: the call shows as Calling...

Applies To

  • Contact Center


  1. login to Contact Center Configuration Manager for Contact Center
  2. Click Users
  3. Edit the affected user (the destination agent)
  4. On the Phone tab
  5. Re select the Script Name - PBX Number
  6. Click Save

CC Configuration Manager Users Edit User Phone Agent Extension Script.png


The calls are not correctly routing to the configured Agent Extension Script.

Additional Information