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What is the formula used for 'Answered in SLA' in VCC Historical Reports?
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What is the formula used for 'Answered in SLA' in VCC Historical Reports?


Applies To

  • VCC
  • Queue Transaction report
  • Media Transaction report


The Queues/Media Transactions reports both have an 'Answered in SLA #' and 'Answered in SLA %' columns

The table contains 2 columns, ACCEPTED_COUNT, and SLA_MEET_COUNT. They track how many transactions have been accepted by agents, and, among those, how many were accepted within the queue SLA during a 30-minute interval.

Answered in SLA #: SUM(SLA_MEET_COUNT) over the period corresponding to the chosen granularity in the report

Answered in SLA %: ( SUM(SLA_MEET_COUNT) * 100 ) / SUM(ACCEPTED_COUNT )

When do we update the ACCEPTED_COUNT and SLA_MEET_COUNT columns in the table? Are there special conditions that need special treatment? Exceptions?

The main trigger for updating the counters is when we receive a transaction-accepted event. At that point, ACCEPTED_COUNT can be increased, and SLA_MEET_COUNT will also be increased if the transaction was accepted before the SLA time was reached.

This could also include transaction-abandoned events for chat interactions as another possible trigger.

There are also some special conditions for voicemail transactions when a voice message was left by the customer.