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Business Intelligence Report Shows No Agent Data
8x8 Support

Business Intelligence Report Shows No Agent Data


8x8 Contact Center Business Intelligence report does not show any data for an agent.

  1. Contact Center BI report.
  2. Category: Agent Transactions
  3. Select desired Measures.
  4. Select Agent > Agent Name.
  5. In the Agent Name > member selection dialog, select the agent's name.
  6. Run the report.

There is no data for the agent, even though you know they have been logged in and taking calls.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • 8x8 Agent console
  • Business Intelligence
  • Agent Transactions reports


Create a new report.


There are two instances of the agent in the Agent Name selection.

The agent had an old agent profile that was deleted some time ago - the old profile has the same name as their current agent profile.

The report was created during the time of the old agent profile, and the member select maintains the old instance and new instance of the Agent Name.