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How do I check the talk times for my agents?


To check the talk times for agents.

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work


  1. Log in to Analytics for 8x8 Work.
  2. Navigate to Call Report > Extensions Summary.
    Call Report_Extns Summary.png
  3. Scroll down to the extension summary table.  On the top right-hand side, click on Menu.png.
  4. In the box that populates, navigate to the Times column.  Select the columns to show in the table by clicking on the slider.  After you have selected all required columns, click the X.pngin the top right-hand corner of the box to close it.
    Select Columns.png
  5. The columns you selected will now be added to the table.
    Total Time.png

Note: The talk time option totals both inbound and outbound times.