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Ring Group Summary(beta) voicemail numbers
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Ring Group Summary(beta) voicemail numbers



Why Total Voice Mails numbers is not matching the sum of voicemails per user in Ring Groups Summary(Beta report)

Applies To

  • Analytics for 8x8 Work
  • Ring Groups Summary(Beta)


Total Voice Mails number you can see at the ring group level, are the voicemails left by caller on the ring group extension. 


If you click on the ring group name and check the Ring Group Member details, you will observe that the sum of the voicemails for the ring group members is not matching the Total Voice Mails. In this section, are only the voicemails which are left for the particular member, when a call is coming to the ring group, is answered by ring group member one and trying to transfer the call to ring group member two but reaching the voicemail of the member two. 


If a caller leaves a voicemail for that same user by calling them directly, it won’t be counted in the ring group member summary, it will show up in the Extension Summary.