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How to Use Virtual Office Meetings
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How to Use Virtual Office Meetings

The guidelines below describe our legacy meetings platform, which will no longer be available as of 4/7/20. Check out how to use 8x8 Video Meetings by clicking here!


Using and modifying your Virtual Office Meetings.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Meetings
  • Virtual Office Desktop

Launching a Meeting

A Virtual Office Meetings can be launched one of two ways, either instantly or can be scheduled in for future dates via calendar integration. 

  1. Select the Meetings Icon from within your VOD (this resembles a calendar). 
  2. You will be able to select one of the following options, either Join Meeting, Host Meeting or My Meetings. 
  3. To Launch Meeting, please select from the following:

Starting a Meeting Now

  1. Name your Meeting i.e. Sales Weekly.
  2. Select Meet Now.

This will start the meeting instantly, you will be given the option to which audio channel wish to join with from Computer, Phone or View Only. 

Scheduling a Future Meeting

  1. Name your Meeting i.e., Sales Weekly.
  2. Select Create Meeting.

This will create the meeting under the My Meetings tab where you can launch and edit them further before creating them. 

Editing a Meeting 

  1. Select the 3 dots stacked vertically when hovering over the required meeting.
  2. Select Meeting Info.
  3. From here you can edit the Meeting's settings and also see the audio conference dial-in numbers you can give to guests for them to call in externally and access the meeting. 

    Meetings KB.png

Inviting Participants

Inviting participants to your meeting can be done in multiple ways depending on where the guests are joining from. 

Adding Participants from within your Company

  1. Once within the meeting, please select the Add Participants icon at the bottom of the page, this resembles a silhouette with a plus sign. 
  2. From here you can type the required participants in by name, number or email. 

You would also be able to give your guests the Meeting ID and allow them to join at their leisure. This can be found at the top of the screen under the Meeting's Name or by selecting the Information I Icon and select Info. 

You would then be able to send this out to your users and they can join the meeting and the arranged time by selecting Join Meeting under the Meetings header within VOD and pasting in the required ID. 

Adding External Participants

Dialling In

This can be found under the Information I Icon and select Info


  1. Dial the Dial In number of the meeting.
  2. Enter the Meeting ID when prompted. Optional: speak your name when requested. This will be played to existing participants to inform them of a new participant).

Audio Conference Dial In Numbers allow external guests to only access the Audio portion of VO meetings and not the Chat or Screen Sharing services. 

Additional Audio Conference Dial In numbers are able to be purchased for most countries so customers abroad will not incur international dialing charges. 

Email Invite

  1. Click Invite participants icon.
  2. Enter the invitee's email address in the empty box, and hit Enter.
  3. Click Invite when you're happy with your invite list.

Web Browser

Users can join online via a web browser. This allows screen sharing capabilities (for the host to participants).

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Meeting ID (found under Information > Info, same as the Dial In number location) and fill in Your Name.
  3. Click Join Meeting.

Chatting, Screen Sharing, and Recording Meetings

Within Virtual Office Meetings, you are able to do much more than just have an Audio Conference. Virtual Office Meetings allows Hosts and Co-Hosts to share their screen with Participants, allows participants to Chat in the instant messaging service and also allows the Meeting to be recorded for future use. 


Use the Chat Icon in the top left of the screen resembling a speech bubble. 

Sharing Your Screen as Host or Co-host 

  1. Select the More Icon at the bottom of the page. 
  2. Select Start Sharing Screen.
  3. Select which screen you wish to share and select Share Screen.

Recording a Meeting

This can only be done for Scheduled/Created Meetings, not for the Instant Meet Now Meetings.

  1. Select the More Icon at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select Record Meeting.

Screen share etc KB .png

A red Record sign will appear next to the Meeting's name when the recording is on, to turn it off. Click this Icon and then select Stop Recording.