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Unable to Delete Legacy Meetings in Virtual Office Desktop
8x8 Support

Unable to Delete Legacy Meetings in Virtual Office Desktop


When attempting to delete an old meeting in Virtual Office Desktop v 6.0, you receive an error message that reads, "To update/delete a legacy meeting, please go to VO Desktop application and switch to classic mode."

Legacy Meetings Error.jpg

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop v 6.0
  • Virtual Office Meetings 2.0


  1. Log in to the 8x8 Application Panel.
  2. Click Virtual Office Online. Note: This requires that you enable or allow Adobe Flash.
    8x8 Application Panel Virtual Office Online.jpg
  3. In Virtual Office Online (VOO), go to Meetings. You will see your list of legacy meetings below the calendar view.
    VOO Meetings List.jpg
  4. Click the meeting you want to delete.
  5. Click Delete.
    Legacy Meeting Info VOO.jpg
  6. If this is a recurring meeting, click to delete the Following Meetings or All Meetings.
    VOO Delete All Legacy Meetings.jpg
  7. Confirm in Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) that the meeting is no longer present under My Meetings.


Classic Mode is not available in VOD v 6.0, so users attempting to delete legacy meetings will need to use VOO as a workaround.