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Virtual Office Meetings 2.0 Not Dialing Out to Non-US Number
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Virtual Office Meetings 2.0 Not Dialing Out to Non-US Number

If you are unable to invite the non-US participants by phone to Virtual Office Meeting, request them to manually dial-in. Learn more here.


Joining Virtual Office Meetings audio by callback to a non-US phone number fails.

Inviting non-US participants by phone to a Virtual Office Meeting fails. The screen will show that the invite is being sent. However, the contact will not receive the invite.

Callbacks and phone invites fail even if the non-US number is part of your company 8x8 phone network.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Meetings 2.0
  • Virtual Office Desktop
  • Virtual Office Mobile


Ensure Non-Guest Has Joined

Non-US Virtual Office Meeting Dial Out has been restored with the following requirements:

  • Guest call out is enabled as soon as a user from same PBX as the meeting owner has joined the meeting. As long as at least one user from the meeting owner's PBX is in the meeting, guests can join by having the meeting call them.
  • Once all users from the meeting owner's PBX have left, guest call out will been disabled for that meeting (unless a user from the owner's PBX joins again).

Manually Dial In

As an alternative, meeting participants joining audio by phone from a non-US number can manually dial into the meeting via phone. However, this will incur long-distance charges on the caller's end. Invitations to join the meeting may continue to be sent by email and IM.  

To manually dial in to a Virtual Office Meeting from an International number

  1. Locate the dial-in number in the Meeting invitation.
  2. Dial into the meeting using the US number and the access code when prompted.


To prevent fraud, Virtual Office Meetings (New Meetings Experience 2.0) restricts dialing out except when a user from the host PBX is present. Additionally, certain regions have been restricted. Currently, the service only allows to dial out to the following:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Romania
  • UK
  • US

Note: Dial out is not restricted in the Virtual Office Meetings 3.0 New Meetings Experience.

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