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How to Use the 8x8 Video Meetings Standalone Admin Portal


Using the 8x8 Meet admin portal as an administrator.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Meet
  • Administrators


Log In to the Admin Portal

  1. In your internet browser, navigate to
  2. Enter in the email and password your 8x8 Meet account is linked to, or log in with your linked Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Apple account.
  3. If you log in with your Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Apple account, you will be taken to the respective login screen.
  4. Complete the login process entering in your account username or email and putting in your password.

Set Up Your Tenant Name

Your tenant name is a great way to set up a personalized URL for your company.

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal by clicking here.
  2. Under Meetings settings, in the text bar, enter in your desired tenant name.
    free meeting tenant name.png
  3. Click Save.

Automatically Set Unique Meeting URLs For Your Scheduled Meetings

A personal meeting space is assigned to every user automatically as a permanent virtual room. Optionally, users can add a password for meeting participants, or adjust their meeting URLs.

  1. Log into the Admin Portal by clicking here.
  2. Under Meeting URLs, use the check boxes to select to either have users's scheduled meetings in their personal meeting rooms, or to have different meeting rooms for every meeting they schedule.
    free meeting URL.png
  3. Click Save.

Invite Members Of Your Team

After the account is created, you will need to start inviting members of your team so they can start using 8x8 Video Meetings

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal by clicking here.
  2. At the top of the page, click Team.
  3. Click Invite teammates.
  4. Type the emails of the team members you wish to invite into text box. You can invite multiple at once by separating the addresses with a comma.
    free meetings invite members.png
  5. Click Send invitations.

You can resend or remove the invitation by clicking the bread crumb menu and selecting the option you want
free meetings remove members.png

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