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How to Clear Call History When Joining a Meeting by Phone
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How to Clear Call History When Joining a Meeting by Phone



Removing the previously dialed numbers that appear in the drop down list when joining a meeting by phone.


Applies To

  • Windows OS
  • VOD 5.9 and earlier
  • Legacy Meetings


There are three options available to remove a number from the list.

Option One

The first method available will work if you just want a specific number that appears on the list to no longer be displayed. Dial 3 different numbers (that aren't on the list) to push off all of the numbers currently on the list. This can be done using variations on the same number (e.g.: 1-555-555-0123, 15555550123, 5555550123).

Option Two

The second method will clear the entire list.

  1. Sign out and completely close Virtual Office Desktop
  2. Delete the following file to clear the list: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\com.8x8.uc-air\Local Store\#SharedObjects\#welcome\<8x8 username>\welcome8x8.sol
    • Replace <user name> with your WIndows username
    • Replace <8x8 username> with your 8x8 username that you use to sign in to Virtual Office Desktop
    • If the 'AppData' folder is not visible, change your windows settings to show hidden files, folder, and drives.

Option Three

If the previous two methods do not work for you, uninstall the Virtual Office Desktop application then reinstall it.
You can download the latest install file here: Download Virtual Office Desktop.

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