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How to Add Filtering for the Extensions Summary Report
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How to Add Filtering for the Extensions Summary Report


Filtering data in the Extensions Summary report to only show results for specific branches and departments. 

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Analytics


  1. Log in to Virtual Office Analytics.
  2. Click on the Call Report button clipboard_ee7f3126fd90bfc804dbef9e29d9fc918.png on the left-hand side and select Extensions Summary.
  3. Set the date you would like to report on by clicking the Calendar icon clipboard_e4dfd91843a9e6cdb1e660ef0685678e4.pngin the top right-hand corner.clipboard_e334a17b391f66608565e1ffbb460322d.png
  4. Once the date is set, select the Filter icon clipboard_e83afccf85b3a9aea2ff33b3bff924123.pngin the top right-hand corner.
  5. You will now be able to filter the results using the Branches or Departments drop down box.
  6. Once the required fields have been selected, click Apply to view the results. 
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