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What is Call Record in Virtual Office Analytics?
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What is Call Record in Virtual Office Analytics?


To be able to obtain the detailed information summary of all voice calls, from simple internal calls to complex multi-legged calls.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Analytics
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)


  1. From the Home Screen, hover over Call Report (phone icon). This will show a new selection.
  2. Click on Call Detail Records.
    • Note: Call Record will be turned on by default once you have CDR pulled up.
      Recorded Calls.PNG
  3. The Call Record gives you the summary of all calls including the time when they were answered, how long it rang, and how long was the talk time. You can also set a filter for you to be able to see who disconnected who disconnected the call on hold, the call leg count, the hold duration. and many more.
  4. Once Call Record has been turned off, it will give you the Simplified CDR:
    Simplified CDR.PNG
  5. Once you turn off Simplified CDR, it will show you the records including the calls that initiated Call Forking.
    Complete CDR.PNG