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Virtual Office Analytics Scheduled Reports End-Of-Life FAQ
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Virtual Office Analytics Scheduled Reports End-Of-Life FAQ

What is the Scheduled Reports End-Of-Life?

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Analytics
  • End of Life


Beginning 5/10/20, the Scheduled Reports tool in Virtual Office Analytics (VOA) will become End-Of-Life (EOL). This tool is being replaced with Schedule Reports Email. 

After 5/10/20, reports and email notifications under Scheduled Reports will no longer be generated. Schedules should be recreated in Scheduled Report Emails ASAP to avoid disrupting reporting frequency. 

Legacy schedules will remain available for review along with their associated report archives until 7/12/20.

What about my archived reports?

The archive feature of the legacy Scheduled Reports will remain available (on the existing Scheduled Reports page) until 7/12/20.

What if I don't create my new schedules before the deadline? 

After 5/10/20, legacy Scheduled Reports will no longer generate reports or email notifications. However, the legacy Scheduled Reports page will remain available so that existing schedules can be viewed and archived reports can be downloaded.

Are there any new reports planned for this new platform?

Yes, we plan to add a scheduled report for each report family as we migrate reports to the new platform.

Do the new reports contain the same information? 

The new reports are built on our new analytics platform and contain the same data as their corresponding UI reports: Company Summary (beta), Extension Summary (beta) and Call Detail Records, however, schedules are more flexible and provide better filtering and delivery options.

If I am importing this file using automation, will I need to update my scripts? 

Specific column naming and order may have changed therefore some adjustments to automation may be required.

Does Analytics for Virtual Office offer a way to acquire this data via API? 

Yes, we now offer a growing set of APIs for customers that would prefer to fully automate their reporting with 8x8 Analytics for Virtual Office APIs. Please reach out to your 8x8 representative for more information.

What if I don't download copies of my archived reports before 6/12/20.

If you do not download copies of your archived reports and find that you need some or all of them in the near future, they can be retrieved by our engineering team upon request for a fee, up until about Feb 12, 2021 (6 months).