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8x8 Web Dialer: Initiate Calls from Web Browser Applications


8x8 Web Dialer can initiate phone calls through 8x8 Work for Desktop and 8x8 Contact Center with minimal mouse clicks, instead of manually dialing a phone number.

With the latest Chrome version of Web Dialer, there are two methods of dialing available:


For use with 8x8 Work phone extensions, the 8x8 Work for Desktop application is required to use Web Dialer, even if you have a desk phone. However, 8x8 Work for Desktop may be configured to force ringing of your desk phone. See this article for details:

Note: For 8x8 Contact Center, 8x8 Web Dialer only supports Highlight and Dial a Phone Number. Single-click dialing is not supported.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Web Dialer
  • 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • 8x8 Contact Center


Single-Click Dialing

Most web browser applications should support native Web Dialer operation, which allows you to click on a highlighted phone number to initiate an outbound call.

If a web site supports this function natively:

  • Phone numbers should appear highlighted and underlined. Example: +14085551212.
  • Holding your mouse cursor over the phone number should pop a notification: Call using 8x8.

To dial the number:

  1. Locate a phone number on your desired web page, and click on it.
  2. Your logged-in 8x8 phone extension will ring in 8x8 Work for Desktop. You must answer that call to connect to the phone number you've clicked on.

Highlight and Dial a Phone Number

If a web site does not natively support Web Dialer's one-click function, you should still be able to easily dial a phone number.

To dial the number:

  1. Select to highlight the entire phone number you want to dial. This can often be done by double-clicking on the number.
  2. Right-click on the highlighted phone number and select Dial this number from the popup menu.
  3. Select one of the following, depending on which 8x8 service you are logged into and using:
    • 8x8 Work for Desktop: Dial this number (8x8 Work)
    • 8x8 Contact Center: Dial this number (Contact Center)
  4. The phone on your logged-in service will ring. You must answer that call to connect to the phone number you've clicked on.




Currently when a Contact Center agent uses the "highlight and dial" dialing method, two limitations will apply:

  • The original web page that a call was launched from will redirect to the call-initiating HTML page. Clicking the back button in the web browser is required to return the agent to that page.
  • Contact Center agents using the Web Dialer for initiating outbound calls will not be placed in Busy status. If they were Available before initiating the call, Available status will remain active for the duration of the call.

Both of these issues are being reviewed, and may be addressed in a future update.

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