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How to Host a Meeting Using the 8x8 Work for Slack Integration


This guide will show you how to host a meeting using the 8x8 Work for Slack integration.

Applies To

  • Slack
  • 8x8 Work for Slack Integration


On the channel for which you have enabled the 8x8 Work for Slack integration:

  1. Type /meet followed by the phone number of the person you want to invite to a meeting.
  2. Send the message, usually by pressing <Enter>.


  1. If prompted, click Login and enter your 8x8 user credentials.
    • Note: Make sure that popup blocking is disabled for


You'll see two browser tabs pop up:

  • The first browser tab contains the 8x8 communication panel, which you can move and re-size as a separate window.
  • This is where you need to use your 8x8 credentials to log into your phone extension.

clipboard_ed29618bb65f1e84a6a27e39c09b125c1.png  clipboard_ee89d2d887022cf22ae0f143fdc7afc56.png

  • The second browser tab is a request for permission for the 8x8 communication panel to communicate with Slack.
  • You must click Allow for the integration to work.


  1. Click Join meeting to begin your meeting in 8x8 Work Desktop.


  • In the 8x8 Work Desktop application, you should see a popup request to click Start to begin your meeting.


  • You may see a browser popup request to launch the meeting in 8x8 Work Desktop or in a web browser page.
  • If your meeting has already launched, just close this browser tab. Otherwise simply click the appropriate option to begin your meeting.



The 8x8 online user guide has detailed installation and use instructions for the 8x8 Work for Slack integration:

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