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Virtual Office for Zendesk Integration Creates Multiple Call Records
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Virtual Office for Zendesk Integration Creates Multiple Call Records


When Zendesk integration creates multiple call records in Virtual Office, then disable the AutoSave feature in Menu. Learn full steps here.


When an agent receives a call and clicks Save and Close to disposition that call, more than one entry appears in that specific call record.


Applies To

The Virtual Office for Zendesk integration.


This can occur for two reasons:

  1. The Auto Save feature is not disabled, and the call record has also been manually saved in the communication panel.
  2. A call record has already been created, but the agent has re-opened that call record in the communication panel, and then pressed Save and Close.



In general this issue occurs because of the way Zendesk stores data. Individual entries of a record cannot be edited, so any time a change is made to the record, a new entry is created within that record.

To resolve this issue when using the 8x8 integration:

  1. Auto Save immediately forces a record to be created when a live call is disconnected, regardless of whether or not Save and Close is clicked to disposition the call. If the agent then clicks Save and Close, a second entry is saved.
    1. Disable the Auto Save feature in Menu > SettingsDisable auto save (slider should be green to disable it)
    2. Or if only an automated call record is required, do not click Save and Close when Auto Save is not disabled. Instead, simply click on New Line at the top of communication panel to prepare for the next call.
  2. Do not re-open and re-save call data from the 8x8 communication panel unless required.
    • If a record from a previous call is re-opened in the communication panel under History > All or History > Unworked, clicking Save and Close at this point will add a new entry to the original call record.
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