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Download Google Calendar Virtual Office Meetings Plugin
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Download Google Calendar Virtual Office Meetings Plugin



The 8x8 Google Calendar plugin is a free plugin that integrates your 8x8 services with your Google account. Virtual Office Meetings users are able to schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar by installing the Google Calendar plugin for Virtual Office Meetings. This plugin allows users to better coordinate with colleagues by creating and updating Virtual Office meetings via Google Calendar, and the closer integration with Gmail means that organizing meetings is easier than ever.


Operating System

  • macOS X 10.9x or newer
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Virtual Office


  • Firefox 67.x or newer


To install the plugin, download the file, then open with Firefox.

  1. Download the Google Calendar plugin for Firefox.
  2. In Firefox, from the right menu, select Open File.
    Open Add On File with Firefox.jpg
  3. Locate the downloaded installer file and open it.
    Firefox Install Plugin Open File.jpg
  4. On the permissions window, click Add.
    Firefox Add On Confirmation.jpg
  5. If you want to use the plugin in private windows, check the box to Allow this extension to run in Private Windows.
    Firefox Add On Okay Got It.jpg
  6. Click Okay, Got It.


8x8 Google Calendar Virtual Office Meetings Plugin for Firefox

Last Updated: 6/14/19

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