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8x8 Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business Integration FAQ
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8x8 Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business Integration FAQ


Previously, the 8x8 Microsoft Integration v5.0.10 and earlier included plugins for both Microsoft Outlook (PC-installed) and Microsoft Skype for Business.

With the retirement of Virtual Office Desktop v5.9.0 on March 4, 2020 and the development of the new 8x8 Video Meetings, those specific Outlook and Skype for Business plugins (and all previous versions) are also retired, and will no longer function.

Follow the links below for information and the latest installation software, designed to replace the retired software.

New Integrations

The following integrations separately replace all of the functionality offered in the 8x8 Microsoft Integration v5.0.10 and earlier packages.

Important note: If you currently have any older Outlook or Skype for Business integrations installed, you must uninstall them before proceeding to install these latest versions.

Microsoft Outlook

These plugins must be installed directly onto your Windows PC, and operate only in the PC-installed version of Microsoft Outlook.


Outlook 365

This integration is designed to operate in both Outlook 365 (cloud) and Microsoft Outlook for PC. It must first be installed in Office 365 (cloud).

Example: Calendar items for Outlook 365 (left) and Outlook for PC (right):

clipboard_e9eab958bd4be3ce0ca1c367a12efd8dd.png  clipboard_ed3e3d9c45b26ec6afc9838efc66a9f4b.png

Skype for Business

The Skype for Business integration is an application that's installed on your Windows PC, and provides a communication panel for controlling calls. It must be used in conjunction with an 8x8 desk phone, Virtual Office Desktop, and Virtual Office Mobile.

This integration also offers WebRTC connectivity when enabled, allowing you to use only your PC and headset for calls, without the need for a desk phone or other software.

Note: WebRTC will only function with X-Series accounts. Account Manager-based accounts are not compatible.


Virtual Office Desktop

You can download the latest version of 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop, here:

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