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Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration: Update to Version 2.2
8x8 Support

Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration: Update to Version 2.2



Customers currently using the 8x8 Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration version 2.0 can update to version 2.2, which contains several significant performance updates.

This article applies specifically to SuiteBundler Bundle ID 213367. The communication panel for this bundle has a light-blue top with a white dialpad.

Note: This operation will disable the operation of the currently-installed integration. Users should log out of the communication panel and close it before the update is performed.


To update to VO for NetSuite v 2.2

  1. To begin, the NetSuite administrator must navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List.
  2. On the Installed Bundles page, verify that BUNDLE ID 213367 is currently version 2.0.
  3. Hover your mouse cursor over the green ACTION icon and click on Update.
  4. On the Preview Bundle Update page, Current Version should be 2.0, and New Version should be 2.2.
  5. Click Update Bundle.
  6. A prompt will appear. If you wish to back up your data before proceeding, click Cancel. Otherwise click OK to begin the update.
  7. You'll be returned to the Installed Bundle page, where the STATUS of BUNDLE ID 213367 will be marked as Pending...
  8. The update can take 10-15 minutes. Click the Refresh button at any time to see the current status of the update.
  9. Once the update is complete, the Installed Bundles page will show BUNDLE ID 213367 as VERSION 2.2.
  10. Click the Home icon to view the updated portlet. You should see the blue Click here to open 8x8 Virtual Office button, as well as the Powered by 8x8 logo. Note: The version number at the top of the 8x8 Virtual Office portlet will still display 2.0. This is normal.
  11. If needed, the end user can re-add their 8x8 Virtual Office 2.0 portlet, and re-launch the communication panel to begin using the updated integration.