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Failed to Create Call Log Error in NetSuite Integration
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Failed to Create Call Log Error in NetSuite Integration


When you use Next Generation NetSuite 8x8 Virtual Office integration, you may receive a “Failed to Create Call Log” error message. Learn more here.


When using the Next Generation NetSuite 8x8 VO integration, you receive an error when attempting to save a call record for a known Contact or other supported NetSuite object: Failed to Create Call Log.
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Applies To

Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration


Contact's Company Field Has No Assigned Value

To properly store call data for Contacts in the 8x8 VO integration for NetSuite, the Company field for any assigned Contact must have a value assigned. Otherwise, activity call data cannot be written to the Contact.

This is a NetSuite architecture requirement, and there is no workaround available for this.
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Communication Panel's Subject Field Is Empty

Currently, to store activity call data to a NetSuite object such as a Contact, the communication panel's Subject field must have a value of some kind entered before clicking Save and Close.
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This problem has two common causes:

  1. The contact's Company field has no assigned value: The NetSuite Contact you are attempting to save call data for does not have an assigned company in the Contact's Company field.
  2. The communication panel's Subject field is empty: You have not entered any text into the Subject field of the 8x8 communication panel before attempting to save the call log.
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