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Caller Appears as Unknown in Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration
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Caller Appears as Unknown in Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration


If the inbound caller appears as unknown in Virtual Office for Netsuite Integration, navigate to Customization and click on SuiteBundler. Learn more here.


When a NetSuite user receives an inbound call notification in the communication panel, the inbound caller appears as Unknown, even if there is a known Contact containing the caller's phone number.
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Applies To

Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration


There are several probable reasons for this issue:

  • Security Token Expiration: The original NetSuite tab which launched the 8x8 communication panel has been inactive for over 20 minutes, expiring the comm panel's security token.
  • Corrupted Browser Cache or Cookies: The user's web browser cache or cookies have become corrupted.
  • Caller's Number is Not Stored in NetSuite: There is no NetSuite object containing the caller's phone number.
  • NetSuite Object Template Has Been Customized: The NetSuite administrator has modified the NetSuite object template (such as Contacts) in a way that prevents the integration from searching supported Phone fields.
  • NetSuite Object Search is Disabled: The specific NetSuite object (such as Contacts) has been disabled in the communication panel from being searched during a call.


Below are solutions to the causes listed above:

Security Token Expiration

This is a symptom of an issue caused by NetSuite's expiration of the security authorization token after 20 minutes of inactivity, and has been resolved as of version 2.2 of the NetSuite integration.

  • Your session has timed out. Please log in again.

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To resolve this issue, you must upgrade to the latest version of the 8x8 NetSuite integration.

  1. Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List.
  2. Verifiy your bundle version number in the VERSION column for 8x8 Virtual Office 2.0, Bundle ID 213367, is 2.2. If the bundle is already up to date, skip to the next solution, below.
    • Note: "8x8 Virtual Office 2.0" is simply a label for the NetSuite portlet. The critical bundle version number in the VERSION column.
  3. If the version number is lower than 2.2, hover your mouse over the green ACTION icon and select Update.
  4. The update can take from 5 to 20 minutes. You can periodically click Refresh to see if the process is complete.
  5. Log out of NetSuite and close any communication panel windows, and log back in.

Corrupted Browser Cache or Cookies 

When the web browser cache has become corrupted, it may prevent proper use of the 8x8 NetSuite communication panel.

This problem can be verified by testing the 8x8 NetSuite communication panel in 1) a different web browser or 2) an Incognito tab (Chrome) or Private tab (Firefox), or 3) on an entirely different PC.

If any of the above tests work, then the original browser session cache is probably corrupted. Fully clear both cache and cookies to resolve this.

If the above tests all fail, proceed to the other solutions provided, below.

Caller's Number is Not Stored in NetSuite

The 8x8 NetSuite integration supports only the following objects for call recognition:

  • Contact
  • Customer
  • Lead
  • Partner
  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Prospect

If the caller's phone number is not stored in one of these objects, or is not directly associated with one of these objects, call recognition will fail.

To resolve this issue, add the caller's phone number to one of the supported NetSuite objects.

NetSuite Object Template Has Been Customized

NetSuite administrators are able to modify the templates used to display information to NetSuite users. This includes templates such as for NetSuite Contacts. Most often these changes have no effect on call recognition.

If the Phone field in one or more of these objects has been too heavily modified by a NetSuite administrator, the integration's API search capability for that object can be broken, causing phone numbers to fail recognition, especially during inbound calls.

This level of customization is not supported, as the integration can't adapt to unforeseen changes to the NetSuite templates.

Temporarily restoring the original template and re-testing the integration can help pinpoint this as a cause of the issue.

NetSuite Object Search is Disabled

NetSuite integration users have access to personalized settings in the communication panel. These settings are located under Menu > Settings.

In Menu > Settings > CRM Objects to search, verify that objects requiring phone number search are enabled(green). If an object's slider is disabled (gray), phone number recognition will fail for that object type.

Click Save and Close at the bottom of the Settings menu to save any changes. The changes in this area are immediate.

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