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Login Fails When a User ID is Assigned to Multiple Extensions
8x8 Support

Login Fails When a User ID is Assigned to Multiple Extensions



When an user attempts to log in to a Virtual Office (web-based) integration using their 8x8 extension credentials, their communication panel session may terminate. This can happen immediately after logging in, or after a browser screen refresh.

In this situation, the user would be shown a list of extensions associated with their user profile after logging in. Selecting any of those extensions will lead to the user being logged out of the communication panel.

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Applies To

This issue and the resolution below apply to:

  • Account Manager-based user profiles, only. Configuration Manager-based user profiles cannot be assigned multiple extensions.
  • Account Manager Primary Admin credentials
  • Users who have more than one Virtual Office extension assigned to their Virtual Office user profile in Account Manager.
  • All 'Next Generation' or v2.x VO integrations:
    • VO Salesforce integration v2.8
    • VO NetSuite integration v2.2
    • VO Zendesk integration v2.2
  • All Maestro-based v3.x VO integrations
    • Note that Maestro-based integrations will not display an extension selection window, and will just log the user in to an extension for a short time.


Virtual Office user profiles that are assigned to multiple extensions are not supported in any current web based Virtual Office integration.


A separate, unique user profile must be created in Account Manager for each extension that will be accessed in any Virtual Office integration.